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    What settings do you use to view with?
    800x600 or 1024x768???

    What is most popular according to your experience. I am trying to find out, I use 800x600 and thats how I make my pages.

    And if you are using the same, how do you get the right effect for all settings?
    Or is this not possible?

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    I work and view in 1024 but always check 800x600. You can check either on your machine or at

    Interesting question, I've just been checking my files and found:
    revised for weekly stats:
    50.14% -IE5x
    43.38% -IE 6x
    2.43%-Netscape 4
    1.29%-Netscape 3x
    0.54%-Netscape 5x
    0.06%-IE 2x
    Screen size
    52.16%- 800x600
    47.58%-Windows 98
    44.58%-Windows NT
    4.36%-Windows 95
    0.98%-Mac PowerPC
    0.03%-BorderManager 3.0
    0.03%-Windows; U; Win 9x 4.90; en-US; rv:0.9.4
    Plug Ins
    18%-Java Plug-in
    8.54%-Shockwave Flash
    8.37%-QuickTime Plug-in 5.0.2
    5.69%-Netscape Default Plug-in
    5.00%-RealPlayer(tm) G2 LiveConnect-Enabled Plug-In (32-bit)
    4.92%-NPAVI32 Dynamic Link Library
    3.88%-Adobe Acrobat
    3.88%-Windows Media Player Plug-in Dynamic Link Library
    3.62%-Microsoft® Windows Media Services
    2.76%-Headspace Beatnik Player Stub V1.0.0.1
    2.42%-Shockwave for Director
    2.07%-Microsoft (R) DRM
    2.07%-QuickTime Plug-In
    1.55%-Beatnik Player V2.0.5.2
    1.29%-InterTrust Redemption Wizard
    1.29%-Adobe SVG Viewer Plugin
    1.21%-Quick View Plus for Windows 98, Windows 95 and Windows NT 4.0
    1.04%-RealOne Player Version Plugin
    1.04%-RealJukebox NS Plugin
    1.04%-Onflow Player Version 1.10
    0.86%-WildTangent Web Driver Plugin
    0.86%-WildTangent Netscape Webdriver Host
    0.78%-McAfee Clinic
    0.78%-RealArcade NS Plugin
    0.78%-MSN Gaming Zone Plugin
    0.78%-Default Plug-in
    0.78%-NNPE Account Setup Plugin
    0.78%-QuickTime Plug-in 4.0.1
    0.69%-HP Peripheral Interrogator
    0.69%-Mozilla Default Plug-in
    0.69%-CDT Plug-in
    0.60%-Comet Cursor
    0.60%-Citrix ICA Client
    0.60%-iTools Plug In
    0.60%-NCompassDocActive Plug-In
    0.52%-AOLTW Default Plug-in
    0.52%-MetaStream 3 Plugin
    0.52%-RealPlayer(tm) G2 LiveConnect-Enabled Plug-in (Mac)
    0.52%-RealPlayer(tm) LiveConnect-Enabled Plug-In (32-bit)
    0.43%-Netscape Media Player
    0.43%-Headspace Beatnik Helper Stub Plugin V1.0.1
    0.35%-Windows Media Plugin
    0.35%-Digital Rights Management Plugin
    0.35%-Catharon VDelta Launcher
    0.35%-Coupons-On-Line Netscape Plugin v.
    0.26%-Netscape Default Plugin
    0.26%-Plugger 3.3
    0.26%-Word Perfect Viewer Plugin Plugin for Netscape Navigator on Windows 9x/NT/2000
    0.09%-GetRight Click Catcher Plug-In

    This is really interesting....
    I've never heard of some of those plugins
    will have to check them out [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_smile.gif[/img]

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    Thanks Mousejockey,
    that was very interesting. I used the anybrowser, and everything came up ok, except for webtv. Which seems like you can't use java with them.

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    Affiliateville, USA

    My stats are a bit diffenent so I thought they would be worth sharing:

    55% - 800x600
    30% - 1024x 768
    21% - IE5
    28% - IE5.5
    35% - IE6
    37% win98
    14% winME
    12% winNT
    11% winXP
    10% win NT

    All of the differnt Netscape browsers accounted for less than 10%.

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    I get different demographics between Dynamoo (which is an IT site) and the non-techie sites.

    Non-Techie sites (this week):

    46.55% Microsoft Internet Explorer 6x
    44.03% Microsoft Internet Explorer 5x
    4.64% Netscape 4x
    2.18% Microsoft Internet Explorer 4x
    1.50% Netscape 3x
    1.02% Netscape 5x
    0.07% Scooter/1.0

    Screen resolutions:
    49.49% 800x600
    37.06% 1024x768
    4.30% 1152x864
    2.12% unknown
    1.91% 1280x1024
    1.37% 640x480

    96.93% enabled
    2.12% unknown status
    0.96% disabled or not supported

    59.52% Windows 98
    31.60% Windows NT
    3.55% Windows 95
    2.46% unknown
    1.91% Mac PowerPC
    0.55% Macintosh
    (odd no 2000 or XP users)

    For the techie site it's different..

    46.86% Microsoft Internet Explorer 5x
    42.58% Microsoft Internet Explorer 6x
    4.78% Netscape 4x
    2.59% Netscape 5x
    1.56% Netscape 3x
    0.60% Microsoft Internet Explorer 4x
    0.33% Opera 6
    0.24% Netscape 2x
    0.18% unknown
    0.12% Microsoft Internet Explorer 3x

    48.57% 1024x768
    28.86% 800x600
    8.00% 1280x1024
    4.66% 1152x864
    3.88% unknown
    2.17% 1600x1200
    1.23% 640x480
    0.60% 1400x1050
    0.54% 1280x960
    0.45% 2048x768

    94.58% enabled
    3.88% unknown status
    1.53% disabled or not supported

    61.72% Windows NT
    28.08% Windows 98
    3.46% Windows 95
    1.93% unknown
    1.84% Linux
    0.81% Mac PowerPC
    0.36% Macintosh
    0.30% SunOS
    0.24% Windows 2000; U
    0.18% Windows; U; Win9x; en; Preview
    0.15% Windows; U; Win 9x 4.90; en-US; rv:0.9.4
    0.12% Windows CE; PPC; 240x320
    0.12% BorderManager 3.0
    0.12% MS FrontPage 4.0
    0.09% Windows XP
    0.09% Windows 2000
    0.06% Windows ME; U
    0.03% Konqueror/2.1.1; X11
    0.03% X11; U; OpenBSD 3.0 i386; Nav
    0.03% MS FrontPage Express 2.0
    0.03% Windows ME
    0.03% ICS 1.2.76A
    0.03% Windows; U; Win 9x 4.90; de-DE; rv:0.9.2
    0.03% RISC OS 4.03; Oregano 1.10
    0.03% X11; I; OpenUNIX 5 i386
    0.03% AvantGo 3.2
    0.03% X11; I; HP-UX B.10.20 9000/879
    0.03% Windows XP; U

    Odd - I guess the OS must be mis-detected in some way.

    I get about 8%-10% people with Flash, around the same for QuickTime and about 5-7% for Acrobat.

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    Ok this is what I found out:

    JavaScript Enabled 8,026 84.58%
    JavaScript Disabled 1,463 15.42%

    1600x1200 16 0.57%
    1280x1024 122 4.32%
    1152x864 78 2.76%
    1024x768 1,036 36.72%
    800x600 1,414 50.12%
    640x480 83 2.94%
    Other Non-Standard Resolutions 72 2.55%

    Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.x 1,495 46.94%
    Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.x 1,482 46.53%
    Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.x 72 2.26%
    Netscape 4.x 61 1.92%
    Netscape 6.x 43 1.35%
    Netscape 5.x 12 0.38%
    Opera 4.x 11 0.35%
    Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 0.19%
    Nutscrape 1 0.03%
    Other Netscape Compatible 1 0.03%
    Opera 6.x 1 0.03%

    I never heard of a broswer called nutscrape.

    And I wanted to ask, what are you using that gives you great detail of info? I have web trends and didnt know they had this,until I was searching some more. I have the free version. My hosting doesn't give these type of stats, they use the webalizer. Its basic, more into pages, kbytes and stuff.

    Now with this information, and this is new to me in some ways, what is the proper way to go about trying your best to make your site for all viewers? How to read this and work with this as a tool?

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    Nutscrape??? that is too funny [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_biggrin.gif[/img]

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