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    I have a popular site with PR 6. In the past, every site I link from this site and its all pages would automatically got PR of 5 but this is not the case with the last two Google Updates, my other sites now get only PR of 4.

    Where did I mistakes and what should I do to make sure that my other sites will get PR of 5 again?.


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    I suspect what you're seeing is simply a case of spreading the "hand-me-down" PR a bit too thin. How many links do you have from the PR6 page? The page would only have so much PR to pass around, and if you divide it among too many links, each link would carry less weight than if there were only a few links.

    You could tackle this in more than one way: move some lower-priority links off the PR6 page, or some drum up some more links for the PR6 page to boost its PR. Even if you couldn't get it to PR7, more links would make it a stronger 6, with more PR to pass around.

    Something I've read that might be a factor here was some speculation that the dividing lines between different PR levels are shifting as the web grows. In other words, it takes more and stronger inbound links to reach a certain PR level than it used to.

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    Good point you have

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    Yes, that been my experience.. an outbound link from a page with few outbound links will pass more pagerank than one with lots. (I discovered this more by luck than careful analysus)

    If you manage those outbounds carefully you can deliver a massive PR boost to the target page.. basically, I think the Google Pigeons look at it like this - here's a nice load of unique text that I can't find anywhere else and it has just a couple of outbound links, so they're prolly really great references so deserve a nice passthrough of PR. Then they go back to pecking at their seed [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_smile.gif[/img]

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