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    ANY Size. (No I wasn't asking a question)

    Once upon a time at one of those 1:2 banner exchange programs, I made several size banners, on a black background with big, white letters, they said:

    Click Here with your Toe!

    And that's what ever worked at any banner exchanges I've done! I had to pay them some money to keep the traffic coming!

    - BluesX

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    Not to be controversial here but there are many reports that say the 600 wide ones kick donkey and 468s with real text underneath do very well. Interstitials are also leaders but, in general, performance is relative to placement and the creative.


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    On my sites I noticed that there is a difference between services, especially free services and real goods. For the first case the 468 work very good. For the real things like shoes, pants etc. the smaller ones are better, but even textlinks work best.

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    The only banner I ever recall clicking on and signing up for the service was when just got started and did their first online ad campaign. Some cute 468x60 banner with silouettes and some phrasing about getting back in touch with old friends, sweethearts, and team mates.

    BTW, this is not an endorsement for Although they've upgraded the services lots in the last couple of years, they've also upped the ads and the demands on the user for achieving any services. I didn't renew my subscription, since even as a paid subscriber I was hit by all the pop-ups and ads etc...

    Do I get the egg?

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    I'd like to see alot of 468 x 180 banners with great ad copy and a product picture.

    I think I might pay AlexBet to make some and some page template tops.

    Think how easy it would be to make one screen pages with for specific products with
    a couple of lines of what's in it for you mr customer at the top followed by a spiffy block banner and another couple of lines of
    do it now before you lose it text and an out link.

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