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    Anyone use opt in email marketing? If so, what company did you use and what kind of success did you have with it? Thanks for any reply. <IMG src=>

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    We do it in house. There are many free php/perl solutions that are very simple to install.

    You will find many supposed opt-in only mailers really aren't. Then you are stuck having your legit list stuck in spam filters.

    Topica is a great example, they were legit, changed management and now if you send through them, most likely your mail will only get to 50% of the people you sent it to. Their servers are on most spam lists.

    And be safe. Double opt-in is what you want so no idiot can go around signing people up to your list and cause you to get tagged as being a spammer.


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    That's a serious thing to say about Topica; can you give some references to back it up?

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