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    Anyone use Traffic Multiplier. Any Comments on the use of it and generating leads/sales? Thanks Deelz for bringing this to my attention!

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    I am using Traffic Multiplier and have been pretty impressed so far and believe it likely has brought me some business. I like the "targetted traffic" aspect and wouldn't likely use it otherwise.

    Larry Wentz

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    First - Thank You, Larry (saw the in my stats and didn't know it was you).

    You're welcome, jb.

    My favorite use for this is to drive immediate traffic to new pages before they get picked up by the search engines, and to test them before spending $$$ on PPC traffic. I use the "suspend dispays" feature to save up credits, and then change "display page" to my new page when I am ready. It has definitely generated extra income for me on seasonal/holiday specials, and saved me money on ppc listings by giving some indication of whether certain offers will or will not convert well.
    edited to add:

    there was already a discussion about this, including some negative potshots, HERE

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    So it's some kind of targetted exit exchange?

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