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    I know that I need link popularity to get very far in search engines, specifically google. I am wondering if I should place links to all of my other sites on each of my sites. I don't want to get punished for doing something stupid, not that I can piss the GoogleBot off anymore than I already have...

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


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    bump... i'd like to know about this as well. in theory, it shouldn't matter if they are different domains with different content, right?

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    I can't offer any expert opinion here but I have read in many places that relevance of content between linked sites is more likely to give a boost.

    If this thread drops off, bump it up again when MarkyMark is here.

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    i've had good success doing that. I had 1 site that made page 1 on googles first index and i had a link to another site of mine from that site. My other site jumped 2 pages. I think its ok because googlebot can't tell who owns the site, so i think it doesnt matter.

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    Lots of debate about doing this kind of thing. Anything you do is to artificially enhance the link popularity of your site is considered spam by Google, so linking all your sites to all your other sites to enhance rankings is technically spam.

    As with a lot of these things, it is a matter of intent. If you really must do this, make damn sure you have other non-related sites linking in to each of your sites otherwise you will get penalised. Beware of creating a 'closed-circle' between all your sites - this is easy to pick up as spam and will get you a PR0.

    Surely, though, you need to consider your visitors in all this. If you have a general shopping mall type site, with pages for different categories like sports goods and so on, then a link out to your other sites about tennis and golf or whatever are good things to have. This kind of link makes sense, is it tight thematically (which helps with several search engines)and is a benefit to your visitors.

    I personally would never link a golf site to a knitting site, for example, regardless of the link pop. benefit.

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