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    All the traffic i get so far has been free. I've decided to give Google AdWords Select a try. Any tips, advice, or helpful pointers would be appreciated. Thanks

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    instead of the one word or most obvious keywords, use keyword strings which cost less but use lots more of them

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    >use keyword strings

    and put them in quotes

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    To specify exact matching for a certain word or phrase you use square brackets [like this]

    If you don't do that, your ad will appear along with ANY search that contains the word(s). Sometimes that is not as well-targeted as you'd like.

    Example: if you were bidding on "dress" and didn't set any restrictions your ad would appear if someone searched for "how to field dress a deer" (don't ask how I know about that one!! [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_biggrin.gif[/img] )

    Note that if others were bidding 90¢ for "widgets" --any search that contains the term -- Google would say to bid 90¢ for [buy widgets] because it contains the term someone else is bidding on without restriction. You don't always get terms cheaper with exact matching, but you do have much better control over your targeting.

    If you do have some terms where you're not specifying exact matches, consider blocking words such as "free" "sample" "dangers" "pictures". For instance, if you bid on "widgets" and someone searched for "free widgets" or "pictures of widgets", they are not likely in prime shopping mood, so you might as well conserve your ad budget for traffic that's more likely to convert well to sales.

    It's worth testing and fine-tuning your ad copy because if you get a better-than-average percentage of clickthroughs your ad will start appearing higher in the AdWords even if your competitor is bidding more than you. It's Google's way to reward relevancy.

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