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    I signed up for them a few months back but never used them. Sounds like they're going the same route as Kanoodle did last month :

    <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><font size="-1">quote:</font><HR>

    Attention: 7Search Advertiser

    7Search is implementing a new service enhancement,
    "Keyword Mapping", to provide you the advantages:

    - Bid on fewer keywords and SAVE time.

    - You will get greater exposure when consumers search
    for terms that are "near matches" to your existing

    - "Keyword Mapping" will help consumers find what they
    are looking for, drastically improve our search engine,
    result in increased repeat visitors, and drive even
    more traffic to your site.

    Beginning July 30, 7Search will combine its most popular search
    terms with their common variations. "Keyword Mapping" will bring
    increased exposure to advertisers' listings while improving the
    quality of the search results at for our visitors. will also consolidate keywords in need of mapping
    and place the new terms within advertisers' accounts.

    Upon completion, will provide advertisers with a
    better product, which in turn will provide users with an enhanced
    search service.¬*

    For information regarding these changes, please visit:

    If you have any questions about this change in policy,
    please contact our customer support staff:

    Thank you,
    The Staff¬*

    PS - Don't forget! Our existing free Keyword Generator™
    service does all of the above while providing hundreds
    of search terms that searchers use when looking for
    websites in your category! Just look for the Keyword
    Generator suggestions when modifying your bids!


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    I got the same email. I haven't funded that account since they refused to hand process my cc and told me I need to change the address via the cc company (if I do what they insist upon, my bills end up somewhere on the East Coast instead of getting into my POB).

    I have a feeling this trend is going to seriously impact the life span of the ppc's.

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    I wouldn't use 7 Search if you paid me anyways.

    When I tried to sign up on their website two of my credit cards were refused. Then I find they later took payment from both credit cards and only credited my click account with half of the money :eek:

    I eventually got my money back from them after many frustrated emails back and forth.

    They appear to be the most disorganised bunch of people I have ever dealt with.

    [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_biggrin.gif[/img] When I clicked the link to read more about keyword mapping I got Page cannot be found. Proof positive of my comments I think.

    It looks to me as if all they're doing is trying to force the purchase of keywords by bundling them together. Looks like things are getting desperate.

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    As I remember, I had aborted my application because they insist you post your email address or phone number on your website. They apparently kept my email address anyway.

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