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    I keep getting conflicting information. How much text should ideally be on a sales page? If it's just promoting one item, should it be a couple of short sentences only, or should it be more in-depth?

    I've been told to not provide too much, as people don't want to read and they'll leave. But, if you don't give them enough to make their decision, they'll just click the link but probably won't buy.

    Are bullet points helpful, and if I've used the product personally, does a personal recommendation help?

    I've seen pages with very little text rank highly; often I've wondered how in the world they got their ranking. Yet I've also noticed pages with a lot of text ranking high. Obviously, the shorter pages can't have the keyword density that the longer ones do, unless the pages with the long text aren't very focused.


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    Actually, it is easier to get a higher keyword density on pages with a lower amount of text, but I would suggest that you just write about the product naturally and stop when you've finished, regardless of the number of words.

    Then take a look at what you've written - if it reads well and is keyword rich, it should rank. Remember to use elements like heading tags and bold text to draw the search engines attention to important phrases and you'll be doing fine.

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    Andy, if it helps any, I have a few pages, that have bullets and one or two sentences, maybe upto 15 words and that particular is selling like crazy.

    And I have some pages with no text and they are doing okay.

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