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    Hi all and I hope you can help a newbie. I have noticed recently that my number of "hits" has decreased dramatically according to my stats, but my "page views" have increased. How is this possible? Also, how can there be such a discrepancy between hits and pages? I was trying to figure out why my hits would decrease by thinking maybe Google dropped me but I am still listed in results in Google. Could I still be seeing my site but they have substantially dropped me and reduced my hits? Thanks for any help!

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    Between the 2, "pageviews" are actually much more desireable than "hits". A "hit" is generally any request for a web page and inline objects from my server, meaning that if you've got includes and image files in a page, each one of those will count as a separate "hit", along with the page itself.

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    In other words, if I have a web page with 5 image buttons and 3 product photos that are hosted on my own server, those 8 images plus the web page will actually count as 9 hits in my log, even though the visitor is only looking at one page.

    A "Pageview" is just what it implies, the number of pages/times viewed by visitors to your website.

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    Here is a good explanation + diagrams of how this works - definitions are at the bottom


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