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    Anyone know what site I can get a complete tutorial on tips and strategy about Google Adwords? I'm planning on testing them but the keywords (even 3 phrases) that I would want have a bid of at least 0.20 up. How do you guys get keywords for only 0.05?

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    Feh - I gave up on Adwords for the moment.

    There are some decent instructions on Google itself, also Jakob Nielsen has an article on writing effective AdWords on his site at


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    Re 5¢ bids: they're still out there, but they are getting harder to find. You have to dig for odd phrases and specialized vocabulary that other advertisers have overlooked.

    Polish your ad and test variations to improve its clickthrough rate. If you get more clickthroughs than other ads competing for the same word, you'll move up in the ranks without raising your bid. If you get a 2% clickthrough rate and pay 5¢, that's worth as much from Google's end as if you paid 10¢ with a 1% clickthrough, and it's a way for them to reward strongly relevant ads. You might have to bid higher at first so your ad appears often enough to establish how your clickthrough rate compares to competing ads.

    Be sure to block words like "free", "picture", "clip art", "clipart", "sample" and any other you can think of that would indicate the searcher was not in a shopping mindset. That won't reduce the cost of your clickthroughs, but it will conserve your ad budget for traffic that's more likely to convert to sales.

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    there is some more info on this page, you have to page down to it -

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