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    I've used both of them. And I think overture is better than google. Overture gaved me

    more quality, but a smaller amount of traffic. From Google i received a big amount of

    traffic, but they werent so targeted...
    The score is 1-0 for Overture.
    What is your opinion?

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    Depends. If you're comparing with the Google AdWords, I'd expect Over to win because a lot of people still expect COMMERCIAL listings from there and therefore click those "sponsored" links with buying in mind. But with AdWords, you would get a lot of dilution from content-moochers, I would expect. (I haven't actually bid on AdWords so I don't have direct experience. But I know that Google's a lot more content-friendly and those info-seekers will go there because of that...which is one of the reasons I haven't bid there!)

    But if you're comparing with the FREE Google...Free Google traffic doesn't convert as well, but it's FREE!!

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    We use both Overture & Adwords.
    It depends on the industry you are working in.
    Overture can be great in one industry and NO GOOD in others.
    Adwords can be great in one industry and NO GOOD in others.

    The Adwords traffic coming directly from Google can be very sophisticated and lead itself to high tech products and services.
    So a KW phrase like "scalable high availability enterprise computing" might to well.

    At the same time Adwords can attract the "I'll pay more for crap" croud from AOL.
    So "windows XP" might do well.

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    Overture and AdWords operate quite differently, and if you don't understand the differences your traffic from AdWords will not be as well targeted. In Overture, your listing will be shown for the term you bid on plus a few basic variations such as singular/plural, spelling variants, etc.

    In AdWords, unless you specify otherwise, the terms you bid on function like "wild cards" and will result in your ad being shown for any search that happens to contain the term. Sometimes this can result in wildly off-target listings. Learn to discern when you should be blocking words or specifying exact matches only, and the quality of your AdWords traffic will go up.

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    Well free google traffic converts around %1 for me..

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    I like Google Adwords. I have nothing but 5 cent bids and like the control i have, the ability to pause an ad, change the amount i want to spend per day, lotsa flexability. You pay for you want, no minimum per month.

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