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    January 18th, 2005
    I run mostly content sites, but occasionally come up with a good idea of a mix content/affiliate site.

    I started one a few months back. Linked to it from my main content site that gets heavy traffic, 1/2 million a month. We update heavily everyday and our linked to according to google by 2,020 sites. So I know that site is listed well and I have done some work to make sure it is.

    But my smaller site hasn't even been submitted to search engines.

    But I was checking the referers from the smaller content/affiliate site today - and there was yahoo and a what's new mention in Business and Economy > Shopping and Services -> something else i won't mention

    No idea. Surely wasn't my pathetic search engine skills. Maybe the guys at yahoo knew what a bad day I was having today and wanted to cheer me up?

    Anyone have any idea what would account for this so I could try and duplicate it?


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    Maybe someone was just being nice and liked your site. :-) Thats pretty cool that you got listed like that, hopefully it will bring you some good traffic.

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    I got listed back in the mid 90's (was a wee bit easier then) as a "what's new" and a "hot site" by Yahoo -- had the listing with the little sunglasses and, I think, a star or something next to it?

    I not only don't know how I did it but didn't know enough back then to be impressed -- thought everyone who got in was listed like that for a while! Duh. Wish I'd gotten a screen shot [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_frown.gif[/img]

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    It could simply be a Yahoo! editor building up a category in the same way that ODP editors do sometimes.. if the category is looking too sparse, add some value by finding some more entries.

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