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    Okay, now that Google has discovered one of my sites and all 24 pages (and I thank the Google God every night), how do keep them happy? Aside from human sacrafices, what does Google like to see on my site to keep me there. Do I just leave it well enough alone or do I add more content and pages?

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    If it isn't broken, don't fix it. Add a few pages, sure - take advantage of the page rank, but don't start any drastic re-design.

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    Yeah, add to the site . . . build more and remember: what people see at Google is "cached" so, no matter what you do, the page(s) you see at Google right now will not change until the next Googlation Day

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    Pray everynight, Get Google as your Home page, and don't study the competition much, and simply go to town on buiding more pages, more sites, etc.

    Don't practice spam techniques, or other stuff that will get you booted, exchange some links, preferrably with people with the same content, or similar.

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