Heres a page with lots of good Google info:

Here's a list of when Google has started to update in the past:


August 21 wed 2:20a
July 25 thur 10:35p
June 23 sun 1:00p
May 24 fri 5:30a
April 25 thr 7:52p
March(Ap6) sat 3:36a
February20 wed 2:39p
January 25 fri 10:34a

December 27 thu 3:58a
November 25 sun 3:35a
October 28 sun 12:52a
September16 sun 4:38a
August 19 sun 9:44p
July 19 thu 10:41a
June 22 fri 8:34p
May 21 mon 12:31a
April 23 mon 12:13p
March 26 mon 2:43a
February 19 mon 6:47p
January 21 sun 12:25p

May all your ups and downs be in bed

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