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    If you aren't doing any advertising or link exchanges, and if your site's address isn't in, say, the first 5 pages of the search engine, since they don't go that far in, have you ever wondered, HOW your customers are findig your site???

    One of life's mysteries???


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    Isn't that what logs are for?

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    I've had this happen occasionally, and here's what I found when I went through the log files.

    One place traffic can come from is people who knew the URL from a "past incarnation," if the domain has been in use before. Sometimes there will be old links-in even if the domain had been abandoned for months. Unfortunately, these links may send traffic that has no interest in what's on the site *now*--and the ones I'm talking about tend to come from low-PR pages so they're not much good for the SEs, either.

    Or, if the URL is something obviously related to a topic of interest, people may just type it in on a hunch that something'll come up. If you've got a fairly hot name, you may also get hits from domain speculators. (Unfortunately, the speculators who contact me tend to try to sell me other related names--instead of offering to buy mine for a big bunch of money, which is what I *wish* they'd do!)

    But don't underestimate some people's willingness to dig through SE listings--I've had hits come from as low as #479 in Google!

    Granted, that's a rare occurance, but it shows that a few people have no qualms in going past #50. And when the site's new and there's still so little traffic that ANY coming at all is something that stands out--it's usually coming from oddball places like that.

    Also don't forget about the trickle of hits which come from AMs when they see impressions being generated by a new site. If you've just been putting up links and checking them, it's normal to see a few hits appear "by magic" in return.

    BTW, only rarely does a sale come to me from any of this "pre-release" type of traffic.

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    95% of my traffic is direct, so I am guessing repeat customers or word of mouth. :0)

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    "site's address isn't in, say, the first 5 pages of the search engine,"

    First 5 pages for what term? I get traffic on thousands of different combinations. Not a mystery. Traffic for natural listings, word of mouth, PPC, advertising on other sites, news report here and there, lots of ways.

    Petty i'm sure you can pay somebody here and they will help you optimize and some other things to fix your site.

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    Thanks to all the SEO affiliates who've optimized for popular searches, I find I often have to dig well past five pages to actually find a page that was relevant to my search. I generally run Google with the number of returned sites set at 100.

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    I signed on with a search affiliate program about a year or so ago...I have been getting $100 + per month since about June from them. To this day I still have no clue where the traffic is coming from or how I am making the money. I don't even remember putting up any links or codes for the program...

    Not that I am complaining

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