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    Ok, so we left off with several possibilities.


    1. Google didn't like my .pasp extensions.
    Summary: some pages ARE listed in google, buy why not all? Google does not list .pasp as one of the extensions they accept on this page below, so I emailed them to

    2. There are no robots to remove.

    3. We have links coming in from yahoo and dmoz, so there is at least something.

    What's weird is, for a test, I made a static .htm page with just some text and a site map, dropped it in the live directory, and it shows up with a pr of 3 autmatically.

    NONE of the other pages in the site show up in the Google toolbar at all.

    Static page:

    So, after all this, I guess I'll wait for Google's response, and see if this static page gets picked up. I linked it from one of my sites with a pr of 6.

    Anything else I could try? Any other suggestions? Thanks everyone for your help. I love this board.


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    I don't know why it's not showing up in the Forum listing - unless it is buried somewhere - but here is the link to the original thread.

    I don't know if you saw my original post there but from my own experience I think Google is having problems with the query string.

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    Yeah, it is the query string. Googlebot gets a little confused - I had a client who used .aspi and Google couldn't get past the home page either. At the time, they couldn't deal with dynamic sites either, so I had to make the URLs look static. I think this is what you are going to have to do with this one, I'm afraid.

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