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    can anyone give me a recommendation?


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    I like 7Search as a place to get started with PPC. You can get penny listings, there's no wait for editorial approval, the interface is comfortable and in my experience the traffic is of reasonable quality. You can also get penny listings at FindWhat, but listings don't show up right away, and in my experience FindWhat traffic doesn't convert as well as it used to. Some people (I'm one of them) have ethical concerns about FindWhat's use of parasite popups. On the practical side I'm certain that's part of the reason their traffic quality has declined since last year.

    I've had okay results with Google AdWords for a few products. Their system is different; they offer a limited number of pay-per-click ad slots and you have to bid competitively to appear at all. This makes it harder to get cheap clicks (minimum bid is 5ยข and the sky's the limit), so you'd need to be promoting something where your margins are wide enough and you're sure of your conversion rates.

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    Of the ones I use I would recommend Google due to the amount of control you have over exactly how much you spend per day and on which phrases.

    You are limited on what you can post (character wise) there are checks on what you post but these are done after the fact, you can be live in minutes and you also pay AFTER the fact, no upfront payments or monthly minimum rubbish like Overture have, the reporting is also excellent.



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    what about Kanoodle?

    I read that 7search have some problems with processing credit cards?

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    I'm currently using adword (google) and findwhat.
    Google offers me the best quality.

    I also used overture, but I had some problems accepting my web-sites. They dont like affiliate sites. [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_smile.gif[/img]

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    Kanoodle's okay, but I like 7search and goclick, CHEAP listings!

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