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    How do you know this is happening. Someone posted something about this, I couldn' find the thread.

    If you are looking at a log file, what is it you look for that indicated hotlinking?

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    What I did (and I had major - frequent problems with hotlinking) was to look at who was referring to me in the logs.

    If I saw an incoming link that was a new one, I would always go check it out. Sometimes it is easier to do this around the first of the month when things are just showing up in the logs. But I did check all through the month.

    Always check out any kind of messageboard - they like to use your images for their personal icons.

    The easiest thing to do is to put a htaccess file on your site to prevent it. I did a Google search for how to make a htaccess file and read several sites just to make sure I had it right. You might also want to do a search for preventing hotlinking. There are some really good sites that will explain how to do it.

    It is easy to do and well worth the trouble!!

    I made mine in notepad - named it htaccess - uploaded it - then in my FTP program renamed it to .htaccess

    Once I renamed it, I didn't see it listed in the files on the web side - but it is there, just invisible.

    Works wonders!!

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    Thanks Vicki, yes I have that .htaccess already. So maybe what I was seeing in my logs were just normal things.
    Thanks for explaining!

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