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    I am thinking about trying to get in MSN trough Looksmart, but before screwing it up, I would like to know your experiences. Because I read in their faq that they tend not let affiliate sites in. Although I have seen some of affiliate sites in there, I would like to know.. actually how strict they are following their own rules regarding affiliate sites.



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    You don't go through LookSmart.

    You go through Zeal, you remove all commercial aspects from your site first, submit it, it'll get approved pretty swiftly usually and then you add your commercial and affiliate links after it is approved.



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    Back when there was a CPC, and more lively CPA for leads, and we still believed that content would earn us a fortune, we paid for LookSmart inclusion of VirtuallyIgnorant (back in the days of the dinosaur about 2.5 years ago).

    Don't do it in this, the 21st century world.

    LookSmart since then decided to change all listings to pay for any clicks via their directory listing. Luckily, since I knew that VI doesn't earn, I laughed and deleted the email. Then they forced all listings to go upgrade to the small business listing and required money to "keep those clicks coming" or else. I laughed and deleted the email.

    Now they kindly deposit some $15 into the directory listing account every month and send me a report of how many clicks were sent before my $15 was used up and try to convince me to sign up for their outrageous $.15/click service. I laugh and delete the email.

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