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    Hello One and all,

    Well since I changed a few things and the googlebot has been on my site for the past week, I have started to see a VERY dramatic rise in site traffic and before any of you ask, no its not for our main product but a few webpages I had been working on called "Whats on in Glasgow"

    It seems that it has the Number 4 listing on Google out of 22,000 listings, now thats not bad as I did not expect that at all, but (and a very big but). I did the main title page but have nothing in each of the months pages now i.e there is nothing on as far as anyone will see.

    I have 13 hits to the page so far today, so it seems that I have found some sort of market place for this page, but did not mean to do that.

    I am sure that someone else said recently they had a page that suddenly became very popular even though they did not push the page.

    Anyway, thats it, I now have to work tonight and get somethings onto the pages as I dont want to scare people away.

    Now I will have to see what other pages start to get a good ranking.

    regards John

    John Dundas

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    Just look upon this as a gift from the Googlebot!

    Make sure to link back to your other site from these pages. Might as well take advantage of a good thing.



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