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    January 18th, 2005
    I mean what's next. I'm like screw it. I am not bending over for there stupid rules anymore. They can delete the whole freakin account for all I care. I hope they go bankrupt when people stop using there dum a*** bleep d bleep!!!!!

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    Did they tell you what they consider "underperformance?"


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    January 18th, 2005
    That's what happens when you get too big for yer britches! (And Overture is WAY too big!)

    If you do close your Overture account, be sure to advise them it's due to THEIR "Underperformance".

    They have too many unrealistic policies, and they seem to enforce them willy-nilly. I quit using Overture a long time ago. My reason for leaving Overture: "Sheer frustration!"


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    Your frustration with Overture is shared. I've run into a few of their "rules" myself and have spent hours upon friggin hours managing around them.

    Bottom line... I've got to keep Overture. Of all the ppc SE's I deal with (FindWhat, Google, Ah-Ha, Sprinks) they send the most traffic. On top of that their click to sale coversion rate is at least three times that of any other SE ppc advertising I've seen. Probably 10 times that of FindWhat... ha.

    On a more personal note I even have further reason to be frustrated by those friggin' tards... ha. You'll notice I live in their backyard. Good old Pasadena. I've applied for work there three times and the pains in the @#$#$'s keep turnin' me down. Ha. Well, I make much more now than I would have had I been accepted for the gig. So, no harm done.

    Take a nice soothing bath... with lots of bubbles. That's what I do when my Overture frustration hits a peak.

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    Overture is funny. They keep sending me those notices. So I look at the listings. Usually there are three or four with nearly the same generic title and description. So I just copy that and they are happy with it.

    It's funny because they are going to have all the same titles and descriptions for all the terms eventually.

    Then, by default, none of the listings will over/under perform.

    But they were good to me today. Brand new product, rushed a page out, they approved the listings in under 20 minutes. I have free reign over this product at 5 cents a click until the competition arrives.

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