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    January 17th, 2005
    Hello One and all,

    Well here is a little update on various things that have happened to my site and also questions that I have raised.

    1. No chaced pages on Google.
    Well that problems is now resolved but I did
    have to use the "No Archive" command in my
    main page for a while then took it out and
    Google sorted it from then onwards. Thanks
    to the person (sorry forgot who it was) who
    suggested that trick.

    2. Goolge not picking up my other pages.
    Well I redid the Table of Contents and now
    Google has been ripping through all of my site

    3. DMOZ
    Well, I have still not been able to get DMOZ
    to change the description of my site no matter
    how many times I have requested it.

    4. Google keywords
    Well my main keywords took a battering last
    update but it seems they are starting to move
    around just now so hope things improve.

    5. Google Adwords
    Well I did what some people suggest and took
    out a targeted Google Adwords and have found
    it to be worth while. Seems to work. Even
    thinking of taking out a 2nd campaign at the
    end of the month.

    6. Whats on Page.
    I put a "Whats on in Glasgow" page on with
    links to each months events and it got listed
    very well and was (until today) getting 45 - 50
    hits a day. Now the page has gone from the
    Google listings but I hope it will come back.

    Anyway, this is just some of the things that I thought I would share with you all. Just shows the ups and downs you can have with search engines etc.


    John Dundas

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    I'm very frustrated with this Google update, pages I had in on the last update vanished, came back, vanished again. The whole thing sucks,

    Меня зовут Динаму

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