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    Hello all,

    I have 2 questions about my two sites.

    This site is all HTML, about 35 pages in total. No "site map" because the homepage is like a site map as it has links to all pages. All pages are indexed by Google.

    Recently, Google has updated my site on OCT. 17th, but only the main page, not the other pages. Even though, new, and lots of content added those pages. They are still listed on Google but not updated, like the main page.

    Q: Is there anything I can do, so Google bot will update my other pages, as well? How? Will submitting each page individually work, or upset Google?

    Second site is mostly consisted of dynamic page done by ASP. There about 250 dynamic pages and 10 HTML. The problem with that is Google bot only, indexes 1/3 dynamic pages. There is a site map for all pages, dynamic or HTML.

    Q: How can I make Google to index my other pages?

    All opinions and suggestions are appreciated and valued.


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    In answer to question one - there's no point resubmitting the other pages. I would guess that Googlebot are already spidering them if they are spidering the homepage. Check your logs to make sure.

    I don't have any good suggestions for getting them updated by Google more regularly. You are already doing the right things.

    Question Two - How long has this site been in Google ? Googlebot is a very polite spider and it may take a couple of months for it to spider all the pages.

    Take a look at the pages that aren't in the index and check how these are linked into the rest of the site. It may be that they are a few levels down from the homepage and thus considered less important by Google. Add a few links from the home page or higher level pages to some of these pages and see if that helps.

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    Thanks, Markymark.

    The second site has been lsited for about 10 months, now. All the pages are linked to each and and main categories linked from homepage. indexes all of them, Google only about 1/3 of the pages.

    You've been helpful, thanks again.

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