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    Yesterday i went to

    typed in coupon codes and the results were very different and drastic, then last nite they went back to normal. Today totally new results. I typed in coupon codes. It's been mentioned on another board that Google might be testing different algos, which seems to be the case. This is not everflux, i know what that is. The results yesterday had page rank 2 sites and pages no longer existing anymore on page 1. Thats the only keyword i've found with the changes.

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    Well I have noticed a lot of changes and not wanting to say too much at this time, I hope that Google keeps things (or even improves on them more) as they are just now.

    regards John (sorry for being selfish but I got whacked last month)

    John Dundas

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    Major search engine algorithm changes this month and i think it will be back to the drawing board after this months dance for me!
    Early indications from here is their def experimenting alot..


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    I just hope I get my old pages back. [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_frown.gif[/img]

    We're definitely into the time period where we'd expect a new index, but it's not guaranteed. The "end of March" update was about 10 days late and tool place in April, so I'm guessing that with the Algo changes we *may* have a delay while they test if they haven't had enough time to fix it.

    Меня зовут Динаму

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