Hey everyone:
Catalogs.com has a new category on the website called "Beauty & Cosmetics". If you are a Catalogs.com affiliate and have a site geared to beauty products, you should login to Cj and choose links to land on the "Beauty & Cosmetics" category. Some catalogs in this category are Oleda, Skinstore.com, Paula Young Wigs, and Lamas Beauty.

The *old* "Health & Beauty" category was renamed "Health & Medical" and it contains catalogs from Essential Water & Air, Allergy Asthma Tech, Sinclair Intimacy Institute and others.

We also have couple of new creatives on the CJ and in-house platform. One is a storefront promoting the "Gadgets & Guy Stuff" category and the other one is a 468x60 search box with a drop down menu listing (and landing) on each category on our site.

As always, I thank you for promoting Catalogs.com. If you have any questions, comments, or just to say hello, please contact me.

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