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    Which do you think is more effective, exchanging links or signing guestbooks?

    On the one hand, exchanging links just has the appearance of being more permanent. And, you probably get a larger trickle of traffic.

    On the other, a guestbook with a decent pagerank (I've seen them as high as PR7) adds to the value of your site without the draining effect of a reciprocal link, and it's much faster to get the link to your site up.

    But, a guestbook might get edited.

    Obviously, you can do both. But on a limited time frame, which would you do? Which do you focus on?

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    I would say a bit of both. If I had to choose I'd go for exchanging links. Guestbooks can also grow too large (above 101k), or loose pagerank rapidly because of spamming. And a reciprocal link is not that bad, at least not if the other page has a higher PR than yours [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_wink.gif[/img].

    Yesterday I saved an interesting post from webmasterworld which I'm quotiong below. Sorry I didn't have time to dig up the url to the thread.

    <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><font size="-1">quote:</font><HR> from truemarketing over at webmasterworld:
    We have been listing over 250-300 of our websites in directories pertaining to our business for the past two months or so, on top of all of the normal hand submissions to the big paid for engines like Yahoo, Inkomi, etc, etc.
    I would give you a couple of pointers to help you out. These pointers have DEFINITELY helped out our websites.

    1st, you know your website or industry better than anyone else, right? Well, knowing that, you should go to Google, Yahoo, Dmoz, just to name a few and do several searches for directories or search engines within your topic area.

    Ex: if your products are health related (like ours), go to Dmoz or Yahoo and type in "health directories." From that you should be able to weed through the list and find appropriate ones that don't have redirect URLs in .cgi or .asp, etc. These won't really help you unless the directory gets a lot of traffic and you don't care for the PR but would rather have the traffic only.

    2nd, while looking through these directories, pic out the definite ones you want to be listed on and make your submissions. You would be very surprised at how many health related directories there are out there.
    Some other topic areas for directories might benefit you as well. It just depends on your industry.

    Look at the PR of these directories and that they don't just accept any smuck website that in the long run might hurt your PR. In two or six months that directory might be accepting anything and then you have wasted your time and possibly your PR has been hurt.

    I would say over 40 websites we've done this on with averages of 2-3 PR have jumped to 5-6 in two months of reindexing. I'm very happy about this.

    On a time versus priority scale, I would choose
    1. main directories/engines
    2. smaller/themed directories
    3. a few solid link exchanges
    4. then maybe a guestbook or a forum if I'm needy

    However, everything comes down to keywords and document structure, I don't go anywhere before that.

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