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    I'm a new affiliate with my online mall. One of the popular ways to generate affiliate sales is, buying pay-per-click keywords and linking them directly to merchant sites with affiliate links, as far as I've learned here at ABW. I have a few questions about them.

    I should say that I'm not planning to do such promotions, so no need be afraid of a new competition in bidding keywords.

    I'd like to how;

    What is the general conversion rates?

    What are the advantages and disadvantages?

    What is the general return on investment?

    Does all the networks' affiliate codes work properly with this method?


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    Hi -

    I am interested to learn the same thing. I am curious to see what the conversion rate is myself. I have found a new pretty cool looking PPC search engine called I also noticed that they power & which get some searches. I have tried purchasing some keywords that link directly to the merchant. I'll give you some feedback once I get the results.


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    Be careful, some of the merchants you might be affiliate with do not allow that. I know spiegel considers it a violation of their terms of service. So does barnes and noble. I had some old keywords for $0.01 that I had set up at goto (now overture) a long time ago and was grandfathered in with those prices. I just got an email about 10 days ago from barnes and noble telling me to remove them or get dropped from their program.

    Luckily, most merchants will email you and inform you that you need to remove them before just dropping you.

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    NEVER link directly to a merchant using their affiliate links.

    1) They can change providers- really hurts if you have grandfathered bids

    2) This is also easy to see with many providers as your source of traffic because of anti-fraud referral tools.

    3) You can run the risk of violating their TOS

    4) You are better off investing in traffic to YOUR property and then moving that traffic to the proper merchant or a field of merchants. Build equity in your properties first NOT the merchants.

    My .02 or .05 at Overture minimums.


    Wayne Porter
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    AffTrack LLC.
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