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    I'm curious if anyone (that knows) can comment on the effects of using .asp pages related to search results??? Are search results adversely affected if a site uses asp?

    I know that there are effects related to using database driven sites, but I'm still learning about .asp and am curious of how using it would affect search positioning.

    How about .css styles? Any comments appreciated.


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    Using ASP has no effect on real search engines.. That is to say, if you name a page index.asp, rather than index.html, it will not make a difference to search engines such as google.

    The difference though is when you start using query strings.. e.g. index.asp?hello=test etc.. This can have an adverse effect on getting these pages indexed, and especially in getting pages further down the chain indexed.

    You can still use asp, with a database, and get indexed without problems using static/dynamic pages. Essentially you create the page, let's say bluewidgets.asp. This page can be directly linked to as bluewidgets.asp. On that page you use some code to pull out all db records relating to blue widgets. You then do the same for red widgets etc. This is only useful if the site is not to large, but it is very effective. The other static alternative is to run a script which creates html pages for you from the db records. The down side to that is that when you update your db, your pages are not automatically updated.

    As for css, it is pretty much ignored.

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    No effect... Some say that the SE's have problems reading the Query Strings, which is true of some but not all SE's. I know that Google has no problem reading Query Strings, as long as you format your links correctly.

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