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    Hello All,

    I am using frontpage to designing a site that uses frames, and I was wondering since alot of SE traffic would land on pages other than my home page is it possible to have my navigation frame load on every page? and How would i do this?

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    If you can use CGI scripts, take a look at Master Frame Reunion

    If any of your pages are loaded outside of the frame, the script reloads it as it should be inside the frame.

    It's not as good as a non-framed page but it does solve the problem of missing menu's etc!

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    Have the navigation frame called by a javascript in the head section of the other frame.

    Better still, don't use frames.

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    I have a script I wrote for one of my sites that uses frames, if you want to take a look at it PM me. I wrote it quite a few months ago, and knowing myself, I’m sure I didn’t put much documentation in it, but it might help you out.
    When a person visits a page, the script checks to see if the page is framed. If not, it checks to see if the browser is frames compliant, if not it displays the page along with a navigation bar at the top and sets all navigation on the page to tell other pages not to use frames. If the browser is frames compliant, the page redirects to another page that sets up the frame set. If you can follow that (reading back over this post, I don’t think documentation in the script would help very much). You have to use the <noframes> tag, which you should be using anyway. But that being said, I agree with MM: “Don’t use frames”
    You might also look into whether your server supports SSI. If so that might be a better solution. I’ve started using that as opposed to frames on my more recent sites.

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    Well I had a problem with FP and Google not picking up my other pages. I just put a "Table of Contents" page outside the frames and it worked fine for me. Next time Google visited the site it picked up all of my pages.

    The good thing with using the FP TOC page is that you just have to open it then save it again and it will note any new pages etc. Then if you have FP extenstion on your site just use the publish command.

    As for other links, I put buttons on the bottom of each page with the main things that I wanted people to see.

    I hope this helps, it did for me. Maybe it might not be the best way to do things but my pages and keywords now have some very high ranking and all new pages find thier way into google very quickly.

    regards John

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    HIya Acura

    I would advice you not to use Frames.Web builders don’t use them as often these days
    because of their limitations. For one, client-side interactivity like JavaScript doesn’t
    always mix well with frames. You have to be exactingly precise in the JavaScript code,even more so than usual, or the code doesn’t work correctly. Search engines have
    problems indexing framed sites, too. The individual pages don’t tell the search engine
    that they’re part of a framed site, so the search engine links to the pages, not the frameset
    that controls the layout. If the navigation for your site appears in a different frame,
    you end up stranding your visitor on a page without links if your visitor arrives on
    your site by way of a search engine. What’s more, frames aren’t very accessible, and
    not all browsers can display them.

    If you’re trying to decide whether to use frames, ask yourself if you can achieve
    the same layout and functionality with tables or layers. If you can, don’t use frames.

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