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    Hi -

    Are there any merchants within CJ, BeFree, Linkshare, etc. that provide links that would allow you to integrate themselves right into your search results. This is mainly for everyone that runs a search engine. Anyone out here seen that around?


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    Dream on...only the parasite SE's like Looksmart and Knoodle arrange to affiliate enable search terms so they can double dip merchants.

    WebMaster Mike

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    I 'think' this does this. I never used them, and don't vouch for them at all.

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    Surely, if it is your search engine, you can manipulate it so that affiliate links always appear before any other results. Hardly requires a coding genius to do it.

    Or am I not understanding your question.

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    If I'm reading this correctly, you want to just add the url and details to your database, and not all of the code (which they state you must use).. The short answer is no, however there are some excellent independent programs you might try, and places such as clickbank, amazon, etc as well..

    If you are really keen on getting them in there, try what markymark said.. You may need another table and some extra script, but in essence you could end up with something like the google sponsored listings for your results.

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