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    Is a 5/10 page rank from Google a good rank for an affiliate site that has been up for 5 months? What can I do other than get people to link to my site to get this rank a little higher? Thanks in advance!

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    In my view, 5/10 is the level when you can start to shift product if you structure the site properly. 6/10 will allow you to be in the top 5 for certain keywords.

    Personally, I've been pushing for over 18 months now and I can get PR6.. sometimes.. on some pages. Some of that is by getting link exchanges, but the bulk of it is through content.

    And this is where I personally get stuck in a rut. It's often said that Google loves content, but I see it as more complex.. Google loves the Open Directory and the Open Directory loves content, so there's a sort of troilism going on.

    But affiliate sites aren't eligible for listing in the Open Directory. Or are they....?

    If you submit an affiliate site to the ODP it will be rejected, but that's not because the ODP hates affiliate sites (honest), but because affiliate links aren't content. However, if you include content on your site you can often get a link directly to the content (a deeplink) if it's good enough. (Note that all the usual caveats about getting a sodding listing at all apply).

    And of course, good content will generate it's own inbound links, and if you get it right the links can snowball.

    But other than that, you need to get as many high-quality links in as you can get.

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    It's often said that Google loves ODP, and the evidence bears this out, but it is also said that Google likes a site that has inbound links (maybe not reciprocal links) from an ODP listed site.
    So, what about taking another route at giving an affiliate site an ODP boost.. by building content sites suitable for ODP and linking them to affiliate sites not suited for ODP. Would this grab some of those extra ranking points or just waste 100s of hours of good coding/drinking time?

    On the original question, I think page rank 5 is good for an affiliate site.

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    Yes, works very well.

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