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    January 17th, 2005
    I've been studying Google recently and I found out something rather amazing. Perhaps some of you experts can help me on this. Google takes ages to list pages but I've been trying to find a way to get listed quicker.

    Here's what I did. I noticed that Googlebot visits the news sites almost daily, so I posted my new website on one of these sites and Bingo! The following day my site was in Google.

    Of course there could be other explanations, but this seems to be a pretty good one.


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    January 17th, 2005
    Which news sites? What PR do they have?

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    I had a similar experience, but I attributed it to dumb luck. About two weeks ago, I got a new site of mine listed in DMOZ, and it seemed to coincide with Google grabbing data from DMOZ, because this brand new domain was indexed days after I made it live (and I was indexed under my most desired keyword!).

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    It's prob FreshBot.

    Still reading up on it (search and ye shall find), but seems Google is responding to the 6-8 week lag problem by turning some of it's resources over to actively seeking fresh content and folding it into the index.

    Appears to be a temporal thing - subservient to whatever is decided in the monthly deep crawl/re-index - but it does mean it's possible to get hits to new pages from Google very quickly now.

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    It's the freshbot. Thats what i do when i want to get a page in the index quickly. The freshbot visits the index page of a couple of my sites almost daily. I just need to put a link to the new site on the front page and its in. Usually its just in for a few days and reappears after the dance in finished.

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    One of the 1st things that I do when I put any new pages on the site is to update the "Table of Contents" which Google Babe visit every day. She finds the new link and goes for it.

    I would say the same thing would happen to any other links that you put in the table of contents or have linking to your main page.

    I will shorlty be putting on a new site and I will play around with it for a week or so to see what happens as I plan to run it in parraell with my current site (moving my whats on pages).

    Should be intersting to see how quick the new site catches up with my old site.

    regards John

    John Dundas

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