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    If is full off affiliate links, but I submit (full off content and no links) to dmoz, will it have a chance of getting approved?

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    What is the worst that could happen if you submit? They might decline your submittal.

    My site has 2771 affiliate links and I am in DMOZ but the benefit has been somewhere between marginal and useless.

    My advice: submit and forget.


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    Hi Javi,

    If your site has good content then you could reasonably expect a deeplink to that content if you submitted it, however editors are human and you can never guarantee it.

    My advice is this.. don't spoil your content by popups or huge amounts of advertising, find a RELEVANT category with a LISTED editor and then write a really good description for the site that fits in with the guidelines.

    Don't forget that there's a World: Español category for Spanish-language listings too, so if you write the content in two languages you could get two listings.

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    Many dmoz editors will back down to the index page to see what the site is all about. Submitting a deep link will cause most editors to dig deeper.

    Once the domain is rejected you might as well TRASH it and start over.


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