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    Need to justify why optimization is better in the long term than PPC. Obviously, the answer is a given that free listings are worth more than paid ones, just need something that says that. Thanks.

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    I don't know what stats you are looking for exactly, but I do believe that optimization; coupled with PPC provides the best all-around performance metrics.


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    No hard stats to offer, just a couple of comments:

    Effective SEO can bring a lot of traffic, but it's not easy and it's not stable enough to rely on by itself. A PPC campaign costs money up front, but will put steady money in your pocket if your bid amounts are well tuned to your ROI. An advantage of PPC is that you can have a presence on more search terms than you likely would with just SEO. A disadvantage is that some PPC's are reluctant to accept advertising from affiliates.

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    Check out this great article/interview. I think you will find some interesting pointers.

    The State of Search Engine Optimization,
    Part 1:
    Part 2:


    "In what follows, in Part I of our interview, Marckini discusses metrics for assessing ROI from SEO efforts, how accurately search engine optimization campaigns can be tracked, whether pay-per-click (PPC) search engine marketing of the sort offered by Overture will soon overtake search engine optimization as the main form of search engine marketing in the marketer's toolkit, and whether there are relevant differences in the ROI that can be achieved using traditional SEO efforts as compared with PPC search engine marketing campaigns."

    "In this, the second and final installment of our interview with Marckini, Marckini delves further into the strategic implications of SEO that justify its inclusion in the overall marketing mix, detailing for avant|marketer with actual benchmark figures how the acquisition costs and conversion rates associated with search engine optimization (SEO) efforts stack-up against those associated with permission-based email and banner campaigns, discussing how SEO can be used as a strategic brand marketing tool, and outlining some of the most widespread strategic errors that companies make in the execution of SEO campaigns. Marckini ends by providing us a glimpse into the future of search engine marketing and its role in the wider marketing mix."

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