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    Bought a website with a lot of inbound links, found out afterward the site may be Google banned [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_mad.gif[/img] (banging head on floor repeatedly). If I put a similar named site (say with a dash or underscore in it) put it on a different IP address than the banned site, and do a permanent redirect of the traffic to the new address. Is their a decent chance Google will index the site?


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    In most cases its difficult to get a Banned or PR 0'd site back.

    But there is one technique you can try. First redo whatever you think that made google to ban your site...then put a robots.txt file disallowing googlebot to your site...

    Wait for a couple of updates...Now take the robots.txt have some chance that google will crawl your site again...This method is not guranteed though [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_smile.gif[/img] . Also this may work only if it was an automated ban (not an manual one)

    Other than this the only sure fire way is if you can somehow contact a google staff (like GG in the other SEO forrum) and beg him to give you another chance [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_smile.gif[/img]

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    Google does have a blacklist. I would clean up the site including any dubious outbound links. I would let Gbot continue to spider without interuption and also email GG telling them you have aquired the site and are righting all previous wrongs. If you keep the site clean you will eventually lose the GG penalty. It will take months, however, to get back to where the site should be.

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    If I understand you correctly Greg, you bought a deleted domain and then discovered it had been banned BEFORE you bought it, presumably due to the previous owners actions. Correct?

    Unfortunately GG has stated that bans are linked to the domain not the owner, a policy with which I and a number of others completely disagree. I believe that if you are the new owner of a deleted domain and have built a new site, there should be no carry-over penalty.

    Assuming then that you new site is squeeky clean, I would be contacting Google and explaining that you are a new owner with no connections to the previous owner and therefor expect the ban to be lifted. If the domain had been dormant for some time that would be pertinant information and further evidence of a fresh start being needed.


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    Woz, you are dead on correct. Bought the site from the previous owner due to 50+ pages of decent content and a couple hundred inbound links.

    I have contacted Google, (hello, is anybody in here), and got a polite automotron reply telling me they read every email and would get back with me (two months ago).

    Since I have a large server with several IP addresses, my plan is to buy a similar domain name, with dashes breaking the words, leave the old banned domain at IP .1 and the new domain at .2 but point them at the same content. I will use links from my bigger sites to get google to look at the new one (I hope), but still have the benefit of the old links (just not the google scoring from them).

    I don't know if the Google bot is smart enough to see through this or not. I will report down the road.

    The other option I have considered is just to forward all traffic (tech speak warning), with the Apache mod_rewrite and a permanent forward (end tech speak). I thought maybe the bot would see the forward and index the new site, but it could just transfer the ban to that site also.


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