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    I've been looking at getting more content on one of my sites in order to boost my search engine placement. I'd love to have more product reviews so that the Google Spider has more stuff to go over and I can achieve a better ranking.

    I've found a site that offers product reviews for the products that I'm selling, and the guy who runs the site isn't selling a thing, he's just posting them for his own edification. I've contacted him about licensing his content, so that I can also put it on my site, and he invited me to make an offer.

    Here's my question to the board: If I license his content, am I in danger of getting penalized by Google because two sites will contain the identical reviews? His site is already well ranked in Google and is listed in DMOZ, so they're currently aware of his content. Alternate arrangements such as putting my affiliate links on his site are not viable options, I either need to go forward or back out.

    Any insight the board can offer on this would be greatly appreciated. Dave

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    I don't believe that Google uses its technology to penalize sites with portions that match up with portions on other sites. I believe that it is used to identify "mirrors" and to aggregate PageRank / Search Results for a site and all its mirrors. I think that it would work out if you had plenty of text that was not copied from the other site, but of course I can't guarantee that as I don't work for Google or anything.

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    Use you own content. I admit this can be a chore at times but at least it will be unique and you won't have to worry about GG penalizing you. You might want to look at the keyword density of that site and then put your own text around the keywords that you are targeting. I see in your profile you are an attorney. Google is now your jury. Convince your jury! [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_biggrin.gif[/img]

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    I don't agree with T-Bone, license the other content and drop it into your sites web pages(either create static pages or load them via database), don't pull it in through a frame. If we all had to create our own content, text links with the same wording would be penalized, we know that doesn't happen. As mentioned before, don't be a mirror and all should be well.


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    Getting the content and licensing it is a great idea! Go for it. Google will not penalize you if you take the content and drop it into your own pages. If google DID penalize this, most of the affiliate sites on the Internet would be banned. '

    I have sites that are almost exact copies of other sites - they do not get banned. I think the key is "almost" copies. Try to be a little unique.

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