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    January 17th, 2005
    Okay, what's your record for extended transactions, this is my first month that I have had a buttload, so I guess I have been lucky so far. 15,000.00 in sales extened for 1200.00 in commissions. Sizeable chunk out of the old deposit.

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    3 months is the longest I waited, was about to make the old phone calls when it was Ok'd.

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    Yowch you must have some things rockin' pretty good Q.

    Most I've ever had extended was about $450 or so if my memory serves me well. It's never bothered me though. I'd rather have a sale extended and reversed if necessary, than have the commission paid to me now and then debited against future commissions if it needs to be reversed.


    All your SERP's are now belong to us. Shall we sell for you? Or shall we sell for your competitor?

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