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    January 17th, 2005
    Can anyone tell me what I can do to get a good Google listing. my site is:

    Google knows about it and I have links to it, but google do not find the links and my PR is only 3.

    What can I do?????

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    First off - get rid of the pop-ups, nothing to do with Google - I just hate them.
    My advice is to draw your site on a piece of paper, draw each page as a box and each internal link between those boxes. Then draw every external link from those boxes.. all the links that lead out of your own pages, that includes any affiliate links, hit counters, anything that you could click on to leave your site. Each of those links is leaking page rank from your site. Remove as many of those external links from the site as you can, most of them are not helping your sales but they are hurting your google ranking.
    Second - when you consider exchanging links, check out the page rank of the other site's links page and the number of links (internal and external) on that page. The links page only has so much page rank to offer - the google toolbar will give you a clue - and that will be divided between the links on the page. Only exchange links if you think the other site is going to give you more page rank than you will return.
    I'm no search engine expert but that's my advice based on experience of the current google rankings.

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    I interpreted your question to mean SERP rather than PR or page rank.

    As mentioned in the post above, remove the blast of pop-ups. TERRIBLY ANNOYING and could send your shoppers running. You could use a small keyword rich paragraph below the sub title at the head of your page.

    My next suggestion deals with the HTML of your page. Try a title and description as follows:

    <TITLE>Best credit card value - low interest credit cards, credit cards for poor credit, cards for business and students</TITLE>
    <META name="description" content="Shop online here to find the credit card for your needs. We have credit cards which offer rewards and 0% aprs.">

    Only capitalize the first word of each. Google doesn't seem to like capitals.

    Your META keywords are of little use to google, but arrange them with highest priority first, placing a comma between each and no space. A comma is interpreted as a space. They are, however, usable for some of the other search engines.

    You have to get listed before you worry about PR.


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