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    I want to learn more about search engine optimization and how to get free visitors from Google (now I use only PPC search engines...). Can anyone recommend me some good websites,ebooks,courses,ezines etc.
    How much money I need to invest to optimize my pages?

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    SEO can be done for free.

    <h.> tags are your new best friend. The <title> tag is needed. Making the <h1> tag match <title>: priceless.

    If they haven't shut it off to the non-paying public: is a great resource. If you want, you can pay $149/year to read and post.

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    I used to think was the best, but I agree with weisinator. Webmasterworld is good. People there are very helpful. Searchengineforums is definitely free, but the quality of discussion sometimes is lacking.

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    There is enough info right here on CJ if you go back through the posts for the previous year, then start running your own tests to validate.

    On the other hand, that takes time, during which you will probably be losing sales, so obtaining a quote from some SEOs might be a good idea, so you can weight the costs and benefits of going the free route versus the paid pro options.

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    If you want to learn it yourself, then the SEO forums are all worth a visit. There's and as others have already said, plus and All of which will help you get started.

    There are a couple of good e-books out there. There's Mike Grehan's book (but it's certainly not for newbies) and a pretty good starter book would be Dan Thies' 'Search Engine Optimization Fast Start' - which you can get from .

    I am actually writing my own and downloaded Dan's book to see what the competition was like - I thought it was pretty good. It certainly won't steer you wrong. Dan's a good guy and the book gets updated often.

    If you are an affiliate though, this forum as Jimbo said is the place to spend some serious time.

    Search Engine Positioning - 1 Design 4 Life

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