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    Just highlight the bottom of the page... the funny part is that they are top 5 for most KWs

    Where can I report this?


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    A prime example of what most search engines claim will get a site booted off and or black listed. Could it just be so much lip service and no action? Most of us don't have time to find and report these culprits. If the search engines truly police their lists, this kind of site should not stay listed long. ??????????


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    Imagine how many spam complaints google must get each day. Imagine the manpower it takes to go through each and every one of them. Imagine how many people submit a spam complaint just to bring down a competitor.

    Google's primary focus has been, is, and assumably always will be to have a "hands free" search engine. Unless the spam is very degrading to the results or involves issues talked about in the google censorship articles lately, all google uses the spam reports to is to help tweak their search algorithim.

    I'm not one for reporting SEO spam. Advertising has always been an aggressive "sport". Creating informative content is still a priority in my book, but if I'm confident of my site's quality, a few extra tricks to help increase my rankings can't hurt. After all, how do you define "Search Engine Optimization"?

    To end my first post here at abw, here is a link that contains spam reporting URL's for many major search engines.

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    What else is funny is that they have a poor title tag and no meta tags for keywords. It's like they knew enough to spam the system but didn't know the basics.

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