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    I have the opportunity to buy a domain listed in Yahoo for $988.00. I think it is grandfathered in so I would not have to pay the recurring $299.99. But does anyone know if Yahoo is removing domains from their directory? You know, th ones that have expired and someone else has bought and just sets up an affiliate site.

    The name I might buy currently redirects to another site. Is it worth $988? (it is the 4 site from the top) or would the money be better off invested in a pay per click deal at google?


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    If you're going to build a real site around it then I think it should be worthit but if you are just going to redirect then you might get removed from their index thus take a risk of not recouping your investment.

    The value of the Yahoo listing is on the PageRank it can get for you on Google.

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    I registered a Yahoo listed domain a few months back. I redirected it to one of my sites, and Google finally gave my site credit for the Yahoo link this past update. I think this too is a grand fathered domain. doesn’t show anything at this domain since 2001 and I think it was probably owned by one of the expired traffic brokers before I got it, so it seems, at least with this domain, Yahoo hasn’t been very vigilant about deleting old listings from their directory. That being said, you never know when they might.

    Also I haven’t seen any benefit from having the listing. No increase in PR and only a negligible amount of traffic coming from the Yahoo Directory. I’m not too upset about it because I only paid $8.95 for the registration. If this domain gets a lot of traffic, it might be worth it, but I doubt that it’s worth it only for the Yahoo listing.

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    I think Yahoo directory listed domains are nearly worthless these days. They don't get called up in search results and it seems like the directory is getting less and less used all the time. If the site has a good google page rank with lots of good links and is pulling in good traffic on a prime keyword phrase it can be worth the money. If it's not doing goood in google or msn it isn't worth more than 20 dollars.

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    Thank you for the responses.

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