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    Hello -

    I am working on completing my first site, I am brand new at this, but have READ an awful lot on it.

    One questions I have : My site is content rich, with some very useful information. Does it behoove me to leave out all affiliate links for now, and submit the site to DMOZ without any affiliate links thus giving me a better chance to get in there?

    No telling how long DMOZ would take to list my site, and in the meantime my SEO'd site is sitting there with no affiliate links. Is getting into DMOZ that important (remember this is my first site and I have no other sites with a PR ranking to link to) for at least my first site?



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    The high Google PR from A DMOZ link is nice.

    If you have content that "adds value to the directory", then you stand a good chance of getting in.

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    Hard to say. If it is already ranking high in the search engines and making good money, then maybe you should leave it.

    There is a contingent on ABW who say they do very well without DMOZ listings.

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    True, but a DMOZ listing is always a help and for a content site its the best way to go.

    Affiliate links do not disqualify a site. The editor's guidelines say:

    <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><font size="-1">quote:</font><HR>Look at the content on the site, mentally blocking out all affiliate links. If the remaining information is original and valuable informational content that contributes something unique to the category's subject, the site may be a good candidate for the ODP.<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>
    Not all editors understand that, and in a small number of cases editors may reject the site if they see affiliate links.

    Moo's top tip: spend some time on the description so you can get it to say what you want. Read the description guidelines and try to write in the same style, covering all the pertinent points of the site in a concise description that avoids hype. If you write a BAD description, the editor will have to rewrite from scratch and will probably not be able to spend the time on it that you can.

    A good place to check on submission status is at the ODP Public Forum. Alternatively, there are several DMOZ editors here who might be able to respond to questions, but the Public Forum will normally get a quick response from a senior editor (give it a few weeks before enquiring).

    A final tip - it's very unlikely that you'll get an email to say that your site has been accepted or rejected. Keep an eye out in your access logs for a referral from - that's an ODP editor looking at your site. Typically that should lead to a listing in the best case (or maybe another look at later, a move to a different category or a deletion from the queue). If the site's as good as you say, a listing should be pretty straightforward

    Please leave my port 137 alone.

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    Moo -

    Thanks a ton for this information! I am really out to provide good content - I feel the site is very informative, I have done quite a bit of work on it. "I" think it's good, but maybe I'm biased, we'll see what the editors thing.

    I am going to go ahead and leave the very few and far between affiliate links in there - what the hell eh? Let's see what happens.

    Thanks Again!


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    If it is really important to get into DMOZ, then take the links out. Regardless of what the guidelines say, there are editors who will look no further once an affiliate link is detected.

    Check out the DMOZ forum. It is littered with disappointed site owners pleading their cases, but once you get labeled as an affiliate your chances are practically nil.

    If you get turned down, you will regret it for the next twenty years and wonder what could have been.

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