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    I'm interested in looking into the Inktomi and FAST paid inclusion programs, but I have a few questions before I get started.

    1) What kinds of things should I do/check/know before I pay for inclusion. Are there any page-specific things I should do before paying for inclusion?

    2) Does anyone actually try to test the effectiveness of the paid inclusion? How do you test it? Do you just use you WebTrends log reports and look for an increase in traffic from MSN/Hot or AllTheWeb/Lycos?

    3) Is the any reason not to try both Inktomi and FAST? I think Inktomi is a give, but I wasn't sure about FAST... how important is AllTheWeb and Lycos?


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    Hi Freecloud,

    I use the Inktomi engine at which gives detailed statistics on clickthroughs - I suspect that all the Ink packages do this.

    Start off with a few Ink listings.. not all will generate that much traffic. If a page doesn't pull in the traffic, point the Ink listing to another one.

    I'm not an SEO expert, but all search engines like a good keyword density, use of heading tabs, meta keywords, title keywords etc.

    As for FAST, well it's a fine search engine and in results terms almost as good as Google, but in my opinion the traffic is insignificant. More than 75% of my traffic comes from Google variants, about 7% from Inktomi (mostly MSN), but only about 0.5% comes from Alltheweb and Lycos (who use FAST data). That's despite broadly similar results between Google and FAST.

    In terms of Paid-for inclusion, a good Inktomi listing can work out at the equivalent of much less than one cent per click.

    Also, remember that Yahoo! bought Inktomi out in December so is almost definitely going to use those in its listings. Since my Yahoo/Google referral traffic is about 10%, that could be a huge boost in terms of traffic.

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    Two things to do before Inktomi submit:

    1)Make sure your pages are optimized; keywords, phrases in page title, description, meta keywords (take it easy here, these are not nearly as important as they are oftn=en made out to be), page text, hyperlinked text, alt tags.

    2)Make sure that the keywords or phrases you are targeting are not hogged up by Looksmart listings ("directory" listings on MSN). If these listings are 10 pages deep, if you rank #1 on Inktomi, you still land on page 11.

    DO consider that even though you are far likely to get a fair bit less traffic (as Dynamoo says), MSN traffic quality is stupendous. It will out-revenue Yahoo/AOL traffic by a ratio of at least 5 to 1.

    As far as Fast goes, if you are targetting US traffic, there isn't any. (traffic, that is.)

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    Thanks guys for the report on FAST -- I
    was considering paying for inclusion with
    them -- Now I'll save my money for
    more Ink inclusions.


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