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    Hello -

    I have read some varying reports on this, but am still unclear on a few things :

    Is submitting my URL using the free submission on Google and the SE's a good thing, or do I suffer some penalties for doing so? Is it worth it?

    Is it true that the most successfull AMers just simply link to their site from other sites they already have in the google index, and don't bother with the manual submission at all?

    I don't yet have any sites in the google index, but if I do some link exchanges with a few sites, will this get my page into the google index the same is it would "eventually" get in there if I just did a free submission to google?

    Any thoughts on this, I'd appreciate it.



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    January 17th, 2005

    I manually submitted many sites to google and some I just waited for inclusion after linking to them. Quite frankly, it makes no difference.
    Having said that, I would first get some websites linking to the one you eventually submit. Or just get it linked and wait


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    I always put any sites forward to Google and other search engines. Its even worth putting the site in DMOZ and waiting for the editors to do something with it.

    Gabe is right that you should get some links to your site from others as this will help Google to find you.

    I recently put a new site on and included in it two other sites that I have as well as submitting it to Google and also using the free site submission tools on this forum.

    I do like manual submission (no its not a kinky thing honest!!!!!!!) and will always try and get as many search engines to find the site as well as get other sites to list my site.

    Anyway, good luck.

    regards John

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