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    After buying Alta Vista and having their stock get hammered, you'd think they would have learned their lesson. Over is now down $2.50 from yesterday's close.

    This may be a buying opportunity now unless they decide to blow some more cash. What else is left to buy.

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    That's bad news for and those who use it. It's a fine search engine, almost as good as Google, although it turns up results for servers that I *know* were shut down ages ago. It has nice uncluttered, accurate results. That won't last long.

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    Looks like Overture is fixing to outflank their competition by combining PPCSE with traditional search and adding some money making twists. What are they really up too as I never trust anything that reeks of online advertising.

    The paid listings and keywords fee placements have to go at the top. A BHO search bar plug-in is a must as Overture -Altavista -FAST/ do not drive huge traffic from their domain like Look for some sleezeball moves like those made by Looksmart to get hidden/bundled installs on the theftwarez enduser systems. Then look for Overture to buildout a hibred merchant network to compete with LS and BeFree and CJ using CONTEXTUAL advertising with themselves as the only affiliate....yep they will monitize all those SE listings via double dipping merchants.

    If LS -BF -CJ and performics can double dip them so can Overture.

    "As previously announced on Overture's fourth quarter earnings call, the company has started to invest in marketing analytics, which began with the acquisition of Keylime Software. In addition, the company announced that it will embark on building products with additional technologies that have been in the early stages of research, including local search and contextual advertising. These new products were recently "green lighted" for development after being in research for several months.

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