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    I'm a little confused about how LookSmart works. I've got a couple of questions.

    If I'm paying a flat $.15 per click, how are my listings ranked against other LookSmart advertisers competing for the same keyword(s). Seniority, Random selection???

    Where do the LookSmart listings appear on their various partner sites (MSN, Alta Vista, About, Excite, etc.) Is the LookSmart listing on MSN in their "Sponsored Sites" category?


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    I think only the Looksmart site uses the keywords you specify. With MSN, I *believe* it's some sort of ranking algo.

    Not being able to specify when your site is shown to potential customers means you could be showing up for unrelated topics that have something to do with the terms on your site.

    All at .15 a click. It's not something I'm interested in.

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    Looksmart listings ar ethe "Web Directory" listings. Rankings are somewhat luck-of-the-draw, but you have much less competition for the top spots than you elsewhere. It's nice to be up against only a few hundred rather than a few million all competing for the same prize.

    As Jungleland says, at .15 a click, the cost is somewhat prohibitive to most affiliate marketers (though not necessary always). But as a merchant, you stand to make more $$ per sale so it is easier to justify the cost. Can you convert 1 sale per 100 clicks? At a profit of more than $15 per sale? It's a no-brainer.

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    Looksmart listings at are the 'web directory' listings that appear just below the three sponsored listings.

    At AltaVista, there is a tab just above the search box that says 'directory'. Those are the Looksmart listings. Excite is a meta search and Looksmart listings get included there, but Overture sponsored listings always seem to come first. So you can pretty much rely on getting no traffic at all from AV and Excite from your Looksmart listing.

    Algo ? Ha, ha, well um there isn't one really. There is some editorial judgement made by MSN as to placement of sites on but largely it works like this in order of importance:

    keywords in title and description
    keywords in title
    keywords next to each other in description
    keyword in title and second keyword in description
    total luck

    There does seem to be some boost given to sites that also have their homepage in Inktomi paid inclusion, although it's hard to quantify how this works.

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    Jungleland, Deelz and the always helpful Markymark... thanks guys!

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