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    Now we are currently working on to build our shopping sites. All sites is fully dynamic content (with coldfusion,cfm). I mean almost all content delivered dynamically from a database... So we will easily moderate our sites. But i hear something like " Most search engines can't index database contents." is it true? if yes, when google's spider visit to my site, they find nothing to eat and my sites wont indexed or few indexed by google. Therefore my sites wont get thousands visitors...

    So what can i do to fix this problem?

    Have you got any ideas or suggestion to prepare goood and tasty food for spiders?

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    Don't fear just yet. Dynamically generated pages are not usually the best for getting solid traffic at Google. I have found that maybe only a few of the pages will be indexed. Also, if they are dynamically generated, it is harder to optimize them for search engines.

    What I suggest you do is hand code some pages of good quality content and link them throughout your site.

    Logan Thompson
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    i disagree 100%.

    Don't use session ids that is the one issue, and the only issue I know of.

    But I find with building dynamic pages it is easier to make them search engine friendly. Just make sure you are replacing the meta tags and titles on each page.


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    I would also make sure that you have a very good "Table of Contents" page which should be listed on your home page so that the Google lady can find it then use it to go thru every page listed on your site.

    I also agree with Chez that you should make sure that the descriptions are changed on each page as this helps when people are searcing for products. I put a lot of time/effort into my page desciptions as I think that they are really important to help the searchers

    regards John

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    Emphimy and me have found a better solution, which is (we think) the best solution possible.
    We kept the server-side admin, we enter products categories there, we process datafeeds there.
    However, instead of building a user-side with coldfusion, i decided to generate html pages on the admin side, and save them to disk.. We enter products, process datafeeds, click the "generate site" button.. and there it goes We have a html site with dynamic content, which we can update in a few seconds.
    It was hard to optimize, but now, it's working great. It can generate 1600+ pages in less than 1 minute...

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