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    When I put my domain name without the .com into the search box at and , I see my site, among others that appear as a search engine listing for specific search terms that I and the others on that page rank on the 1st page for in Inktomi. Some Bizrate results, some merchant pages, and some other affiliate pages.

    Anyway, I can only view these "spam" pages in Googles cache , as the current pages are blank . These are plain white pages with text links to what looks like related category pages to the keywords, but is more of the same spam- different keyword, using other peoples good search engine listings, in a page with a stupid title like "chocolate boogers, do you eat boogers", etc., and they are using several different domains to feed this crap to Google .

    I did a search for a few of the obviously intended "spammed keyword", and sure enough, they made it right to the top in Google2 and 3 .

    Is the purpose of this to spam Google, then replace those keyword spammed pages with redirects to database sites ?

    Do these kinds of spammers actually make it into Googles real index after the dance is done, or are they filtered out somehow ?
    How do you get rid of these jerks, and where should I report the spammers before it's too late and these @ssholes have won ?

    I don't get it .

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    Sounds like they are using cloaking. Displaying your HTML when the server detects (by IP address) that googlebot is retrieving the page and displaying their own HTML when others are viewing it. Presumably their HTML is redirecting to a PPC search engine or something similar and getting a cut.

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    I've seen these, too.

    They don't seem to redirect to anything, and don't do anything to get money from the human viewer! To humans it just looks like blank pages that go nowhere. Yet whoever it is bothers with lots of different domains to do it with!

    I would suspect that if they do put in a redirect that it'll go to a site that DOESN'T want spam traffic! Like a PPC (like Blazeter said). Then when the PPC smells something and goes looking for the listings in a month or so (when it comes time to cut checks), the sites will have already been dropped/banned/tanked from Google so it'll be hard to prove that a spam tactic was employed.

    Usually I wouldn't even mention something like this, since I am typically against narking, but in this case...the RAT LINK is still at the bottom of the search results pages in Google. (It says "Help us improve") But they say they don't look too much at the nark reports now (according to posts in the SE Insight forum) so don't hold your breath waiting for action from Google.

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