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    I sell stuff on Ebay to help supplement my income. While looking over my auctions I noticed that my auction pages have a Google Rank given to them. Now, I generally have about 5 to 25 auctions going at a time. If I link from each of those auction pages to my website, will that count towards my backlinks and possibly help my ranking?

    Thanks for any insight you give.

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    eBay changed their policies.

    Outbound links to your Website may result in the removal of your auctions.
    However, that decission is made by a human and is not automated yet.

    Carsten Partner

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    Actually, what I started to do was to make out a list of Terms and Conditions of sale so that I wouldn't need to type it out each time. I would just have it on my website with no links to it from my website. Then, I started to wonder if that would affect my ranking since my individual auctions were ranked. So, no, I wouldn't be advertising my site as you suspect but instead I would have a page at my domain name with all the needed information for the terms of the auction.

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